About the agency ZW6│Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar

We listen to what buildings ask us to do. Emphasize contrasts. Bring history to the present.

We make the unlikely happen by creating the perfect environment. We look at the lifestyle of the user, the location, the building and all the opportunities out there. We combine history and architecture and think it’s important to find out how you want to live, before you start creating.

Our aim: “to collect the soul, taste and experience of the resident(s) in one world. Because the world includes many styles, but is still round. “

ZW6│studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar consists of a small team of 5 people who are close to everything they do. They implement the architecture of a building into interior and vice versa. From the big lines in Architecture into details in Interior, this results in synergy, peace, vitality and love of life! All projects consist of contrasts. Nothing is certain, we always start with the mindset that everything is possible. Dare to live, experiment and follow your heart. With wonderful results.

We like to make dreams come true by creations for our clients. Always stay close to the core, nature, type of building and style of life.